7: Kuba Dabrowski

In this episode, Kuba Dabrowski explores his Photographic Memory: one of his earliest black and white images, taken in his childhood bedroom of a collection of his most prized possessions.

Polish photographer Kuba Dabrowski is best known for his documentary work from portraits of well known faces like David Lynch to soldiers in Afghanistan. He has exhibited at Walsaw’s Zachęnta National Gallery of Art as well as regularly covering the international fashion week calendar for WWD.

In this episode he explores his early photography as a child, our parallel working practices and life at fashion week.

Below: Kuba’s photographic memory, an image he took in his bedroom at 13 years old, of his favourite possessions.

2:30: Kuba’s Photograph from the Metro in Warsaw

On the metro in Poland by Kuba Dabrowski

5:20 Kuba’s first camera, the Smena from Russia, given to him by his parents to show him how the machery operated. This camera was produced as a low-cost 35 mm film camera manufactured in the Soviet Union by the LOMO factory from 1953 to 1991. They were designed to be inexpensive and accessible to the public, made of bakelite.

10:38 Elliott Erwitt’s Street Photography

12:50 A subject photographed by both Kuba and Jonathan on the Strand, London

20:00 A subject photographed by both Kuba and Jonathan in Paris

21:00 Yu Masui in Tesco on Shoreditch High Street by Kuba

22:45 Paul Smith photographed in his London office

Sir Paul Smith by Kuba Dabrowski
Sir Paul Smith by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

27:00 Fashion influenced by the Soviet Union

An example of post-Soviet influence on fashion: Gosha Rubchinskiy, Paris by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

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Street photographers during Paris Fashion Week – Vanni, François, Kuba, Yu – taken from the book Garçon Style.