8: Fat Tony

In this episode, Fat Tony explores his Photographic Memory: a candid image taken in 1989 of him with his best friend Boy George. The photograph symbolises a simpler, more innocent time before addiction took hold of his life. In this conversation, he describes his life before sobriety and this photograph taken in Ibiza at Boy George’s birthday on the opening of Amnesia nightclub.

Tony has had incredible success with his career in music: as a DJ he’s held residencies at the the legendary Turnmills for Trade, Ministry Of Sound and Palladium in New York City. In Ibiza he’s packed the floor of Privilege, Space and Amnesia as well as working with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Mary J Blige. We discuss all of this and more in the episode.

Portraits of Tony and Taylor by Jonathan Daniel Pryce in London, 2016.

03:50 Below: Tony’s photographic memory: a photograph by Dave Swindells of him with his best friend Boy George at the opening of Amnesia in Ibiza, 1989.

Boy George (left) and Fat Tony (right) photographed in Ibiza, 1989

Instagram: @DJFatTony

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Tony’s Podcast: ‘The Recovery’ on Apple Podcasts

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