9: Shahmir Sanni

Shahmir Sanni by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

In this episode, Shahmir Sanni explores his Photographic Memory: a portrait image of him for the Guardian newspaper.

In 2018, Shahmir Sanni was thrust into the spotlight when he came out as a whistleblower against the Brexit Vote Leave campaign, claiming they acted unlawfully. We discuss his first professional photoshoot with Antonio Olmos, the pressures of activism and finding his voice in the fashion industry.

Shahmir Sanni by Antonio Olmos for The Guardian

02:25 A series of portraits by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

20:00 The Business of Fashion Panel

22:50 The photoshoot helping to harness the power in self acceptance and vulnerability.

30:00 Thirst Traps on Instagram

Further Reading

Shamir Sanni’s Instagram

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