11: Ayishat Akanbi

In this episode, Ayishat Akanbi explores her Photographic Memories: the work of Joshua Kissi and Mary Ellen Mark.

Ayishat is a London-based stylist working with musical artists including Labyrinth as well as being featured in publications like GQ and Dazed. We first met around a decade ago on a job for a menswear brand and over the past few years, I observed a shift in her online presence as she began to share her complex contemplations with the world. She has now built a following as a kind of modern day philosopher, speaking on programs for the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN around topics such as identity politics, feminism and cancel culture.

Ayishat is due to release her first book ‘The Awokening‘ on Orion books in 2022.

Instagram @Ayishat_Akanbi

Twitter @Ayishat_Akanbi


05:00 Joshua Kissi, co-founder of The Street Etiquette

07:00 The Collegiate Revival

09:45 Ayishat’s Personal Style

12:00 Gabor Maté and The Body Keeps The Score

25:00 Mary Ellen Mark

Tiny aka Erin Blackwell by Mary Ellen Mark

25:30 Streetwise, 1984

26:00 The Life of Erin Blackwell, 2016

30:00 Mary Ellen Mark’s Celebrity Portraits

40:00 The Awokening: Clarity, Culture and Identity in the Web of Chaos

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