4: Joe Lycett

In this episode Joe Lycett explores his Photographic Memory: rubbish bins found across the UK. Joe is a high profile comedian who is known for his frequent TV appearances and consumer rights activism. His talents stretch beyond broadcasting, as discussed in this episode, he is also a painter, director and photographer. We explore his new photo project ‘Bins Bins Bins’, his favourite music videos and life in the pubic eye.

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Instagram: @joelycett

Bins Instagram: @binsbinsbins

1:30 Joe Lycett’s Art

3:10: Joe’s photographic memory: a photo he took whilst filming ‘Who do you think you are’ which was the start of a collection of photos he has since taken of bins for his upcoming photo book

12:00: Rubbish photographed during fashion week by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

15:30: G.F.Smith Paper Supplies

32:30: ‘Litany – Uh Huh’ official music video directed by Joe Lycett

35:00: Sony Bravia Bouncy Ball advert

35:30: OK Go – ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ Music Video

36:15: The White Stripes – ‘Hardest Button to Button’

36:30: Bowling Alley Drone

38:00: Joe Lycett by Matt Crockett

42:00: Instagram: @WatchingMrBingo

44:30: Joe Lycett gained notoriety over this Parking Ticket sketch

Additional Resource:

Joe Lycett changes his name to Hugo Boss

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  1. Funnily enough I have my own collection of photos, which I took of bus stops. There is quite a similarity between bus stops and bins because they too are usually in block colours. I would love to show my bus stop photo collection to Joe, if he’d like to come to Australia. There are plenty of bins here, so he could easily claim it as a business trip. Good on ya Joe. Tie me kangaroo down sport 👍🏻

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