13: Alisson Wood

In this episode, Alisson Wood explores her Photographic Memory: an image of herself in the High School play taken at 17 years old. The image shows the young Alison, sitting down and dressed in a blue and white dress, looking innocently at the camera, towards her English teacher. As you’ll hear from our conversation, she remembers feeling grown-up in that moment and almost powerful when the photo was taken. But in reality the image depicts a very different story, as she was in fact being groomed by the teacher.

Alisson is a professor of creative writing at NYU and author of the memoir ‘Being Lolita’. In this episode we talk about the #MeToo movement, surviving sexual abuse and the process of writing her memoir.

Twitter: @literarytswift

Website AlissonWood.com


10:07 Alisson’s photographic memory

25:17 Sailor Kissing Nurse in Times Square from Life Magazine

27:07 New York Times Article

29:19 Alanis Morissette ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Album

31:50 Paris Review Interview

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