6: Francesco Carrozzini

In this episode Francesco Carrozzini explores his Photographic Memory: an embrace through plastic, photographed for the New York Times.

Francesco is a photographer & director who is known for his fashion editorials, celebrity portraits and film directing, but in this episode he discusses an image he discovered in the 2020 Year in Review by The New York Times. The photo shows a woman and her grand-daughter embracing with masks on, through a sheet of plastic. It represents a strange beauty in the Covid-19 pandemic and triggered a discussion on family, connection and his work, including the documentary he made about his mother: Franca Sozzani.

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Instagram: @francescocarrozzini

Website: FrancescoCarrozzini.com

06:00 Francesco talks about his Photographic Memory: a photograph of Olivia Grant hugging her grandmother, through a plastic drop cloth. Photo by Al Bello for the New York Times.

7:00 NY Times: Year in Review 2020

16:00 Francesco talks about the documentary he made about his Mother; Franca Sozzani, former Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia.

‘Franca: Chaos & Creation’, available on Netflix here.

41:00 Film references: Roman Polanski & Alfred Hitchcock.

43:00 Photo of Keith Richards’ hands by Francesco

Music video for ‘Many Faced God’ by Jay-Z. Directed by Francesco Carrozzini.

Further References:

Music video for ‘Jealous’ by Beyonce. Directed by Francesco Carrozzini.

Lady Gaga for Apple Music

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Italia

Francesco’s Zegna Campaign with Robert de Niro.

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