10: Tim Franco

In this episode, Tim Franco explores his Photographic Memory: an image taken at night from the rooftops of a rapidly changing Shanghai. The photograph marks a change in Tim’s photographic style and also symbolises a city he once considered home, which is no longer a place he connects with.

Tim is originally from France but has lived in Asia for 15 years now residing in Seoul, South Korea. He shares his growth as both a photographer and a man throughout his time there, discussing a few of the key projects he’s worked one along the way. This includes ‘Metamorpolis’ looking at how a largely rural population is struggling to find its spaces into a fast developing city.

This year, Tim released his most recent book ‘Unperson: Portraits of North Korean Defectors’. This work, shot on expired instant film, shows a new side to his work and he explores how he approached the project as well as sharing the trauma and inspiration from each of his subjects.

03:35 Tim’s Photographic Memory: A nighttime landscape shot from a rooftop in Shanghai.

21:50 Tim’s farm worker portrait

28:00 Tim’s image of a changing Shanghai.

30:20 North Korean Defectors from the book ‘Unperson’.

45:30 Landscapes from the book ‘Unperson’.

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