18. Nigel Cabourn

In this episode, Nigel Cabourn shares his photographic memories: a photo of the British explorers en route to Antarctica in 1952 and an image of his father taken in Burma during WWII. These photographs provided the inspiration for two of his menswear collections and caused him to reflect on his life’s work and passion.

Nigel Cabourn is an English menswear designer and is a legend in his own lifetime. With over 50 years experience, he has attracted a cult following after developing a unique brand that combines technical workwear, British heritage and vintage military design.

Over the years Nigel’s amassed a collection of over 4000 vintage menswear items and 6000 reference books which is explored in the conversation along with his passion for music from the 1960s, travel, history and sport.

Instagram: @nigel_cabourn


03:22 Image with Nigel’s Father (second from right) as one of his photographic memories

04:55 Nigel’s second photographic memory: The British Expedition of Antarctica in 1952

10:50 Promotional Book for the Cabourn Collection 2003

29:05 Promotional Book for the collection based on Nigel’s Father

31:00 The vintage collection featured in CLUTCH Magazine

32:00 British Everest Expedition, 1924

33:00 George Leigh-Mallory

Further reading:

Web: https://www.cabourn.com

Nigel’s collaboration with Vans: https://www.cabourn.com/collections/vault-by-vans-x-nigel-cabourn