17. Ian Treherne

In this episode, Ian Treherne shares his photographic memory: the infamous image of James Dean walking across a rainy Times Square, NYC. The photograph was created by Dennis Stock for LIFE Magazine in 1955 and Ian has felt an attachment to the image, the story behind it and the subject since he was a child.

Ian Treherne is a portrait photographer based in the UK and has a genetic condition called RP Type 2 Usher Syndrome, meaning he is legally blind and deaf. Due to this, he has faced incredible hardship throughout his life and yet has an attitude of optimism and strength.

Ian explores these challenges, which led him to depression and suicidal ideation, how he manages to overcome them and discusses a turning point in his life, when he was asked to give a keynote speech at a TED X conference. He has worked with the likes of Rankin, Channel 4 and the Paralympic Games, spreading a message of inclusivity and speaking our for the rights of the disadvantaged.


Instagram: @ian_treherne

Website: Ian’s photography work

06:12 Photographic Memory: James Dean taken in 1955 in Times Square, New York, for Life Magazine by Dennis Stock

Dark Room notes from Dennis Stock’s original photo of James Dean

Photographs of Ian by Jonathan Daniel Pryce in 2015

Photographs of Ian, Rankin & Owen from his documentary: The Human Touch

Photograph of Paralympian Ellie Simmons

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